At the present, Caseamex has initiatively established a closed processing system by investing more into infrastructural base, namely hatchery and aquatic services centre (the Aquatic Plant and Food Ltd., AMIGO).

General information:
Name: Aquaculture Technique and Hatchery Centre
Address: Phu Thanh Ward, Tra On District, Vinh Long Province, Viet Nam
Foundation date: February 14th 2008

Specific information:

Quantity of parents fish : about 8500 pieces
Average ages: 4
Average weight: 6-7 kg /pc
Original source: Cambodia
Capacity: 500 millions fingerlings/ year ( 50% for Caseamex’s farm, 50% for farm outside)
Main season time : from april to Octorber
Quantity of official staffs : 8
Quantity of workers: 12

Orient development:

Enlarge and improve production ability continuously, select the parents fish ( F1 – F3)
Cooperate with local and foreign company about aquaculture technique in order to produce the fingerlings with best quality and its price is competitive, to guarantee the best standards for culturing and exporting.